My search for deeper meaning led me on a personal journey "to" and "with" my inner self. I know what it feels like to discover something about myself and my patterns of behaviour/thinking/feelings and then learning that I could actually effect change therefore giving me a better quality of life. 

I feel I bring experiences, enthusiasm, excitement, along with curiosity, warmth, humour etc into my work with others. I believe that we all do the best we can with the knowledge we have at that time. 

I trust that we all have the answers to our difficulties within ourselves. Sometimes we get stuck and need help and support to find those answers.

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I see my role as a counsellor/psychotherapist is to help the person to get to know her/him self, to see clearly what their situation is and their part in it. Then together we explore and experiment with finding new approaches/solutions to her/his difficulties.


Some of the issues I work with include e.g. depression. trauma. anxiety, stress, relationship problems, addiction etc ( see HOME ). 

After completing my training in 1998 I set up in Private Practice working with individuals, couples, families and groups. I am accredited as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist/Supervisor with IACP and have Approved Supervisor status with Play Therapy IRL. I hold personal and professional indemnity insurance.


My interest in groups and group process stemmed from the knowledge that we are all part of a group, be it family, work, social etc and brought me next to study with Marianne Schneider Corey and Gerald Corey USA, going on to gain a qualification as Group Facilitator with Meithal Dublin. 

During the past 25 years my experience of group work includes working with organisations e.g. HSE, VEC, FAS, GROW, CURA,, NTDI PARISH LIFE CENTRES, EDUCATION CENTERS, BAXTER, SCHOOLS ETC.


I feel privileged to have been guided to participate in Holotropic Breathwork as a means of self-exploration, through which I have discovered new depths within myself. My life and relationships have been enriched. In 2007 I completed my training as a Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator with GTT USA.


My commitment to the way I work has been further enhanced by studies in Training and Education in 2006 NUIG, Supervision 2004 Middlesex University and a BSc in Counselling Psychotherapy with Middlesex University.


My curiosity on how we are influenced by the past generations drew me to study with Kola Broenner Germany and to become a Family Constellations Facilitator in 2013.


My interest in trauma and its affect on the person and the psyche has led me to work as a supervisor with RCC's in Mayo and Sligo.


It has been an enriching experience to qualify as an Organisational Consultant after studying with Evelyn Gilmore and Mike O Halloran.


Shamanic energy/soul work has brought great richness and clarity to my life. As a shamanic psychotherapist I accompany others in their healing process. 


Sharing my space with others as they get to know themselves continues to be a rewarding experience. 

I feel enormous gratitude to be able to live and work in a rural setting which I share with my husband. Our four children are now all adults. 


I feel very blessed to have discovered deeper aspects of myself on my continuing journey to wholeness.


I enjoy and feel passionate about dancing, reading and use Journaling and Art as mediums of self explorations and as wonderful supports on my own journey.